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Back-to-School Pet Safety

School is back in session, which means that all the pets that spent summer mornings sleeping in and playing Frisbee at lunchtime with their human playmates will need to adjust to a new routine. Some pets might experience loneliness or boredom if left home alone while others might want to follow the kids to school. The team at Spanish Trail Pet Clinic in Tucson, AZ wants to help your pet adjust to this time of year, so we have created the following back-to-school safety tips to help your pet have fun and be safe at the same time.


Keep a Radio or TV on During the Day: Although a song or TV program can’t quite replace the presence of a human in the house, a radio or television can provide a bit of a distraction for your pet when they’re home alone. If you prefer not to leave the radio or TV for the whole time, you can always set a timer. And who knows? Your pet just might discover that he/she enjoys a certain TV show or radio program!

Watch the Door: Your pet might be confused about why your children are leaving the house so early in the morning, instead of staying home to play, so he/she might try to follow them out the front door as they run to catch the bus. Other pets just might not like the sight of that large, rectangular vehicle parked in front of their home, so they might try to escape to bark at the bus instead. So keep an eye on your pet as you open the front door, and make sure it’s closed all the way when your children leave the house to prevent your pet from escaping and potentially getting hurt.

Create Interactive Opportunities: One great way to eliminate your pet’s boredom and loneliness is by creating opportunities for them to interact with nature and/or with toys. Many cats love bird watching, so for all you cat owners, consider purchasing a window perch so your cat can relax and watch the birds as they fly by. Another great interactive idea is a new toy. This can work for both dogs and cats and can include rope toys, food toys, and puzzle toys.

Pet Day Care: If all other options fail, there’s always the opportunity to book a stay at a pet day care facility. Spanish Trail Pet Clinic in Tucson, AZ offers Feline Boarding only. However, there are a number of facilities in the Tucson area that can accommodate both cats and dogs, whether it’s for just a few hours or overnight.

If you would like to book a stay at our feline boarding facility or have any questions about our back-to-school summer tips for your pet, give us a call at (520) 722-2771.