Cat Boarding in Tucson, AZ

Going away and need a place for your cat to stay in Tucson? We provide cat boarding services in Tucson to the existing clients and patients of Spanish Trail Pet Clinic. Our cat boarding facility in Tucson is a comfortable, relaxing place for cats to stay. Our team is available during business hours to provide care and medication for cats who need it, and we provide check-ins during nighttime and Sunday hours when we are not open for business. We require that all boarding guests be up-to-date on vaccines for their safety, and the safety of other cats staying at our animal hospital.

Cat Boarding Accommodation Features at our Tucson Location

When your cat is boarding with us, you can expect:

cat boarding in tucson, az
  • Excellent accommodations in kitty condos with separate living spaces and bathroom spaces for their comfort
  • Open cages in front of the condo so your kitty can have a view of the hospital and know what’s going on
  • Our staff will play with them and keep them entertained and stimulated
  • Food provided by our hospital (if your cat has allergies or special needs, please bring the correct amount of their own diet, with feeding instructions)
  • Comfortable bedding and bowls

Ready to make a cat boarding reservation for your pet or have questions about our services? Call us at (520) 722-2771 today!