Halloween Pet Safety

It’s that time again—time to buy candy in bulk, carve pumpkins, don a costume, and have a spooky good time. But before you get too carried away, take a moment to review these friendly reminders from our animal hospital about Halloween pet safety—we want your four-legged best friend to enjoy themselves, too!

Decorate Appropriately

Some pets just can’t resist the lure of decorations, especially if they’re shiny and dangly. Anything stringy, like Halloween-themed garlands or fake spiderwebs should either be placed up high where your pet can’t reach them, or put up something else instead. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Halloween Pet Safety in Tucson, AZ

Also candles are probably not the best idea. Go for artificial candles, which, in addition to lasting longer, are far safer than a real flame candle.

Hide the Treats

Your pet is more than welcome to partake in the Halloween festivities with their own treats, but candy and other sweets are strictly off-limits.

  • Chocolate becomes increasingly toxic the darker it is (for example, milk chocolate is not as dangerous for consumption as dark chocolate, 70% cocoa, and baking chocolate). Regardless of the type, however, we recommend keeping any chocolate far away from your pet.
  • Sugar-free candy, gum, and baked goods can be found just about anywhere, and these tasty treats usually contain xylitol, a sugar substitute. While humans have no trouble digesting and metabolizing it, dogs can become seriously ill, or worse, if they ingest enough xylitol.
  • Grapes/raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats, so don’t let them get their paws on any snacks containing these.
A Cat Looks Inside a Jack-o-lantern

Choking Hazards

Whether it’s the stick from a Tootsie Roll™ pop or a Snickers™ wrapper, dispose of it immediately. If your pet decides to chew on any of the garbage left behind from a candy binge, they could end up choking. Bowel obstruction is also not unheard of, depending on what they swallow. Be cautious and keep your eyes peeled for any trash your pet might be able to reach.

Not-So-Friendly Tricks

Pets can sometimes be targeted by unsavory individuals looking to cause trouble. Pranks are common this time of year and they’re not always harmless, so make sure your pet is safe indoors with you. Black cats are especially vulnerable on Halloween night.

Have more questions about Halloween pet safety? Feel free to contact us at (520) 722-2771 to find out more!