Our Team

Meet the Staff and Veterinarians of Spanish Trail Pet Clinic. We pride ourselves on our excellent care and unifying teamwork. Our veterinarians work together with our staff ensuring that we provide you and your furry companion the very best care. Family is important to us and we like to treat you as part of our ever expanding family tree. Get to know our team today!

Tucson Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Owner

Dr. Donald L. DeShazer

Donald L. DeShazer is our primary veterinarian and the owner of Spanish Trail Pet Clinic. He earned his education from Kansas State University in 1983. He is a member of such prestigious veterinary practices as AVMA, AZVMA, and SAVMA and he has experience working with Guide Dogs for the Blind. Dr. DeShazer chose his career path because of a lifelong love for animals. His grandparents owned a working cattle farm when he was growing up. He loves watching the pets we treat at Spanish Trail Pet Clinic as they become intrinsic parts of their families.

Dr. DeShazer’s Family: Wife, Lynda
Dr. DeShazer’s Pets: A Golden Retriever named Darbi and a cat named Elmo
Greatest Accomplishment: He earned top 50 finisher of El Tour de Tucson twice!
Most Amazing Place He’s Ever Traveled: Israel


Veterinary Technician

In July 2015, Tabitha became a part of our team, and we were never the same again. With her amazing smile and sense of humor, she really brightens up the workplace! Tabitha attended Pima Community College, and entered the veterinary field because of her love for animals. She loves working with the awesome people here at Spanish Trail, learning new things and performing dental cleanings.

Tabitha’s Family: Her husband, Steve, and their two children, Aden and Abigail
Tabitha’s Pets: Two dogs named Anubis and Cora; four cats, Kamikaze, Kahlua, BonJovi, and Raven; and two snakes, Betelgeuse, a Ball python and Cornhole, a Corn snake
Tabitha’s Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, visiting Tombstone, and spending quality time with her family
Greatest Accomplishment: Her children and husband, and the wonderful home they just bought
The Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: The Grand Canyon



Veterinary Technician

Sara has been a veterinary technician with our team since March 2009. She has always loved animals and her favorite part of working at the practice is finding diagnoses and treatments for sick pets. She loves multitasking and working closely with the great team at the hospital.

Sara’s Pets: 5-year-old Heeler named Zoey and 10-year-old conure named Bird
Spare Time Hobbies: Going out to eat and spending time with her friends and family
Favorite Place to Travel: Disneyland


Veterinary Technician and Receptionist

Jacklyn joined the Spanish Trail team in May 2016 with a veterinary assistant certificate from Pima Medical Institute. As one of our receptionists and technicians, she enjoys working with and helping animals. She also loves being able to learn new things and meeting new people. Her favorite aspect of working here is the strong sense of teamwork she shares with her coworkers, and she loves helping pets and people.

Jacklyn’s Pets: Chihuahua named ChaCha
Spare Time Hobbies: Spending time with family or volunteering for Special Olympics
Favorite Animal: Horse
The Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Graceland
Favorite Movie: The Polar Express


Certified Veterinary Technician

Lisa is a certified veterinary technician who has been a part of our team since May 2017. She loves the people she works with, and helping our clients and their pets. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 1998 with honors, earning her a veterinary assistant certificate. She moved on to earn her veterinary technician certification in 2004. She loves assisting in surgery and building relationships with our clients and their pets. She is happy to say that she has been doing what she loves for over 18 years!

Lisa’s Family: Husband Scott, Children Justin and Sean
Lisa’s Pets: 2 boxers named Nugget and Bisquit, 2 cats named Xerxes and Caboose, 2 king snakes
Lisa’s Favorite Animal: Jaguar
Lisa’s Hobbies: Exercising, hiking, and kayaking


Veterinary Technician

Caleb is a veterinary technician who joined the Spanish Trail team in January 2017. He attended Northern Arizona University, and graduated with honors with a B.S. in Biology, and he’s currently studying veterinary medicine at the University of Arizona. Caleb started out in the veterinary industry as a volunteer, and liked the work so much he decided to make it his career. His ultimate goal is to be a DVM specializing in pet surgery.

Caleb’s Family: Wife Zoe, 8 younger siblings, Father Stephen, Mother Lori
Caleb’s Pets: 2 Siberian Huskies named Titan and Leela, and a Maine Coon named Gizmo
Caleb’s Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, running with dogs, basketball, and gaming


Certified Veterinary Technician

Angela began her journey with us in May of 2016. She attended Pima Medical Institute, where she earned her veterinary assistant certificate, and in 2010, became a Certified Veterinary Technician. Before joining Spanish Trail Pet Clinic, Angela spent six years assisting in veterinary emergencies, where she helped care for pets with various types of injuries—from rattlesnake bites to gunshot wounds. A love of animals and the motivation to do more to help them led Angela into a career in veterinary medicine, and she enjoys every moment. Her favorite aspect of working with us is seeing pets overcome health challenges, and being part of a staff that feels like family.

Angela’s Family: Her two daughters, Hailey and Kaitlyn
Angela’s Pets: A dog named Sasha, three cats named Inky, Monster and Jack, and two goldfish
Angela’s Hobbies: Camping, fishing, cooking, water sports, and going to rock concerts
The Most Amazing Places She’s Ever Been: The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and the Willamette River in Oregon
Greatest Accomplishment: Being a mom and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician
If She Had a Million Dollars, She Would: Buy a big house with a pool and boat, and an RV for traveling across the country
Special Skill: Fixing things around the house after watching How-To videos on YouTube



Receptionist & Certified Veterinary Technician

Lisa became a part of our team in January 2007. Her love of animals prompted her to attend Pima Community College and obtain her Associates degree in Veterinary Science, and later become a Certified Veterinary Technician, an accomplishment she’s extremely proud of (and we are, too!) For Lisa, there’s never a dull moment—the veterinary field is full of new and interesting experiences, and she enjoys getting to see animals every day and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Lisa’s Pets: Three cats named Raven, China, and Bentley
Lisa’s Hobbies: Being outside and working in the yard
Favorite Things: Horses, going to the Bahamas, the movie Twister
If She Had a Million Dollars, She Would: Use it to travel and go on a massive shopping spree



Veterinary Technician

Rachel joined Spanish Trail Pet Hospital in August 2017. An Honors student currently attending Pima Community College, she looks forward to earning her Associate’s degree and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician in May of 2018. Rachel has a deep passion for animals and their well-being, and loves that our practice feels like one big family. She also enjoys pet dentistry and helping to preserve our patients’ oral hygiene, and meeting clients and their pets and getting to know them better.

Rachel’s Family: Husband, William
Rachel’s Pets: Oakley, a chocolate Lab, and Remi, a black Lab
Rachel’s Hobbies: Taking the dogs to the mountains, spending time traveling with her husband
The Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been: Colorado
Greatest Accomplishment: Being an Honors student throughout school
If She Had a Million Dollars, She Would: Buy a nice house with a big yard for the dogs, and donate to various shelters